Enterprise Cloud Data and Reporting

Enterprise Cloud Data & Reporting




Advances in cloud infrastructure and networking have enabled enterprises to scale their business functions, workforce sizes, and client bases at speeds unimaginable just a decade ago


The economies of scale traditionally enjoyed by entrenched companies in any space are now accessible universally. This allows businesses to focus on differentiating their core products while accessing best-in-class operations, HR, accounting, security and business intelligence with the right selection of in-cloud services and products

The enterprise Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer today have access to a powerful yet formidable range of choices for all their business functions. As cloud infrastructure needs grow and business unit users demand a number of niche capabilities, setting the right data and cloud architecture becomes critically important to delivering the best user experience and enterprise IT excellence

Ensuring data quality and seamless data pipelining between myriad on-premise and cloud data products is essential to internal customer success. It enables architecture extension into analytics and enterprise intelligence

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The XLR8™ platform offers seamless ERP reporting into multiple enterprise cloud environments

Cloud Implementation

Expert implementation ensuring complete business continuity during cloud migration

Cloud Data Visualization

Purpose-built dashboards for multiple domains that allow users to achieve their analytics and visualization objectives rapidly

Cloud Computing Calculator

Cloud computation resources

billions of devices

trillions of nodes

quintillions of bytes


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