Custom Gateway Designs

Custom Gateway Designs

Gateway designs leverage custom chipset hardware to provide connectivity capabilities with cost efficient deployment and usage

The exponential rise in the capabilities and deployment of IoT devices is fueled by improving wireless connectivity technology and reducing implementation costs. Coupled with sophisticated analytical frameworks and cloud data capabilities, these devices become integral to the intelligent enterprise


IoT devices present a unique set of challenges. They must at once be capable of long battery life, provide low-cost connectivity, and be inexpensive to procure and deploy

Why Custom Gateway Designs?


Aggregation capabilities using BT/BLE, Wifi, LoRa, custom long-range range wireless standards, Zigbee


Upstream connectivity using LTE (CAT3, NBIoT, CAT-M, WiFi)


RTOS and Linux Stack to run custom client applications


Optional Sentience™ platform capabilities to enhance edge device security, connectivity and data analytics

billions of devices

trillions of nodes

quintillions of bytes


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