Automation RPA

Robotics Process Automation(RPA) is an automation ecosystem comprised of software bots to automate high volume repetitive, rule-based tasks to achieve improvements in process quality, speed of execution and employee productivity which create business value and competitive advantages.

SingularityAIX's Approach

SingularityAIX's Robotics team leverages its extensive experience in implementing the RPA platform to identify automation opportunities, build and deploy automation bots, define an RPA roadmap, create a governance structure and manage the automation bot life cycles.

SingularityAIX leverages its FalconAI framework to engage with different business groups to correctly identify and prioritize opportunities for automation to Increase Process Resilience, Improve Data Quality, Reduce Human Errors, Increase Availability and Employee Productivity.


Employee Productivity

Operational Efficiency

Business Process Automation

Data Accuracy

Process Efficiency