About Us

SingularityAIX refers to an idea whereby superintelligence will be developed by self-directed computers, and its power and sophistication increases exponentially rather than incrementally. SingularityAIX was founded with the core mission to create products and services that leverage accelerating trends in Cloud, AI and IoT. We firmly believe that every business and IT leader must embrace and understand the impact of these trends to survive and thrive. Founded in the San Francisco bay area, SingularityAIX's Founders came together with the guiding principle that the latest advances in SaaS, RPA, AI and IoT must be simultaneously leveraged as we create products, and as we transform our customers' businesses. Over the years we repeatedly put this principle into practice by coming up with unique analytics accelerators, business process architectures, IoT device systems, and an AI metadata platform. Every time we engage with a customer to deploy a product or to perform a service, we obsess over making sure that we are delivering extreme long term value to position them for continued success.

Core Values

Through regular application of these principles,we continue to provide value to our customers and we consistently meet our goals


SingularityAIX is committed to high levels of integrity at all times and throughout all levels – with our customers, employees, stakeholders and in society at large. By following the highest ethical standards we can serve our customers better and build lasting collaborations. All employees at SingularityAIX follow a comprehensive, strictly-enforced standard of Core Values and Standards of Business Conduct at all times.


Diversity is a core value and strategic business imperative that contributes to SingularityAIX's strength. Diversity allows SingularityAIX to benefit from talents, abilities, ideas, and viewpoints of a workforce drawn from our diverse society.  Diversity sparks innovation by incorporating new approaches and fresh perspectives to problem solving.  We strive to ensure that we recruit, retain, and sustain a diverse, talented, and highly skilled workforce.


The Quality Policy of SingularityAIX is to continually meet the needs and expectations of our customers. This will be accomplished through a companywide commitment to improving products, processes, and services that ensure customer requirements are met.
Customer feedback and a continuous evaluation of our Quality Management System will promote the continued effectiveness and suitability of complying with all customer and regulatory requirements.