ASK Radio Chipset Roadmap

Chipset Roadmap

Sub-Ghz Wifi

ARF2100 Sub-GHz Long Range WiFi – Engineering Sample Demo’ed
TSMC40nM, 64QAM, 32mW RX, NF = 3.5dB, TX Pout = 18dBm 

ARF2200 Sub-GHz Long Range WiFi – Engineering Sample Results in Feb 2019
GF22FDX, 256QAM, 13.5mW RX, NF = 3.0dB, TX Pout = 20dBm 

Position Location

ARF3100 Position Location IP – Engineering Sample Results in March 2019
GF22FDX, 6mW RX, NF = 2.9dB, Fast Turnon with 1mW tracking


ARF4000 NBIoT Lowband – Engineering Sample Demo Nov 2018
TSMC40nM, 29mW RX, NF = 3.1dB, TX Pout = 19dBm

ARF4100 – Engineering Sample Results March 2019
GF22FDX Full band coverage, Integrated ADC/DAC/PMU, Pairs with Custom Front End

AFE1000 – Front End for GPS (Position Location) + NBIoT/CATM – Prototype July 2019
Integrates PA, Matching, T/R Switch, Filtering to provide direct Antenna connect


Wireline + MROFDM Wireless RF/Modem for Smart Meter – Engineering Sample Q4 2019 

When wireless is perfectly applied, the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain

– Nikola Tesla

billions of devices

trillions of nodes

quintillions of byte


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Gary Oliver

Executive Chairman

Gary Oliver serves as Executive Chairman at SingularityAIX. 

He has over 30 years’ experience in the technology industry, most recently serving as Chairman and CEO of Razorthink, a leading AI platform company. Prior to Razorthink, Gary was the CEO of Blazent, the leader in IT data intelligence. Before joining Blazent, Gary lead the IT Service Management business units at Peregrine and Remedy, and was Senior Vice President at Visa responsible for the company’s internal IT strategy and initiatives. Earlier in his career, Gary held numerous sales, marketing and executive roles at IBM including responsibility for IBM’s multi-billion-dollar Data Management SW revenue. Gary is a graduate of UCLA and serves in multiple board and advisory roles.

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VP, Sales & Marketing

Business Development and Revenue Generation for Applied AI, Data Analytics/BI, and Enterprise/SP/IoT Infrastructure


Collaboratively focused senior staff member with a track record of delivery in growing business environments and new technologies. 

Kartik Gada

VP, Product & Development

Investment Banking/M&A, Hedge Funds, Teach at Stanford


I am an investment banker in the technology sector, with an emphasis on emerging, disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, and FinTech.

Deepika Mishra

Program Director

Deepika Mishra serves as Program Director at SingularityAix and has 10 years of experience in Information technology industry. She has worked with leading fortune 500 companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Independence Blue Cross, Avanade as system & business specialist.



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